:: Philosophy

Dear wine lovers,

Over the last 10-15 dynamic and vivid years in which the wine market has changed rapidly, our "company mission" has been to stay ahead of the curve and to keep our customers' palates interested and challenged.
We always look for wines that are in all price points and are not only of exceptional quality, but which also open the mind to new and special tasting experiences.
These include not only great "reference point" producers like Paolo de Marchi - “Isole e Olena”, Francesco Leanza - “Podere Salicutti”, Walter Massa, Montevertine or Andrea Franchetti - “Tenuta di Trinoro”, but also wines made from lesser-known indigenous varietals as Vermentino, Nerello Mascalese, Colorino and wine regions like Puglia, Emilia Romagna, Umbria and Sicily.

You will also find, however, the so called Natural wines, Organic wines and Vini Veri and the “slow” wines which are coming from producers that mainly employ organic and/or biodynamic farming.
This is a philosophy of viticulture and winemaking that often produces better quality in the bottle and leads to a healthier vineyard as a long-term byproduct and to a recognizable identity.
There’s one more reason we think these wines will establish soon: People are more and more beginning to embrace wine as a positive and healthy aspect of daily life. A healthy diet of more “natural foods” goes along with more “natural wines”.

Always along the lines of:

„Good Taste is the Ability to Contrast Excess Constantly“